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Imagine having access to trading strategies & wisdom of Pro’s and high value traders

  • You can get upfront update of news that can potentially change the trend
  • You can heed to the advice of professionals regarding your trade idea.
  • One can know the investors and traders sentiment that dictates the market.

What our Virtual trading floor offers you?

Trading Strategies and Systems: Experts and high net investors share their trading strategies along with the wisdom of its application.

Valuable technical and fundamental insights: Expert traders share their insights into an assets intrinsic value based on technical and fundamental analysis.

Fair knowledge of inter-market dependency: Traders from around the world and different market paradigms – stock, commodity, forex, and bonds share their profound wisdom. Even a single paradigm trader can draw inferences about his/her market based on global and inter-market dependency.

What, how & Why? The textbooks and blogs just offer a trader theoretical Wisdom. But when it comes applying those trading strategies, it’s definitely a different league. Our virtual trading floor and trading room provides a platform to get the know-how of what to do, how to do and when to do.

Look-alike live trading room experience Gossips and rumors don’t matter in the real world. But it does matter in trading. This is the best platform where traders share their gossip and rumors which can influence the market movement.

Why should you join our virtual trading floor?

  • Trading is the survival of the fittest. The one with most strategies survives the blast. Hence, our virtual trading floor community equips you with every possible strategy available in the market.
  • A trader gets to know the systems, software and every technological advancement rocking the market. Free systems and applications will be available for download. Furthermore, a review of paid applications will be published to make an informed decision.
  • Technical experts publish their technical analysis along with their wisdom on how to trade the asset. Experts can get valuable feedback from their counterparts. While amateurs can enlighten themselves.
  • Fundamental traders can present their fundamental analysis. They can have a debate on the fair and intrinsic value of the asset.
  • Refresh and enrich your trading virtue with the e-books and articles. Traders can get access to news articles and psychological blogs across the world.
  • Get to know the sentiment of the market every day. Experts cast their poll on today’s sentiment and about the outcome important political and economic events.
  • Don’t worry, we have a room for newbies too. The trade academy offers trading course and tips for newbies. So, one can graduate, apprentice and then become an expert here. Hence, once you accommodate, you won’t go out of this community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged every month?

Yes, you will be $9 every month. You can cancel anytime you wish. After you cancel, you can access the features till the end of your subscription period and you will not be charged the next month.

Will my membership be revoked?

We have zero-tolerance for abusive, adult and spam contents. Therefore, provocative posts are removed instantly. As a result, the poster’s membership will be void and banned from our community.

What is ryver? Why are we using it instead of a Facebook group?

Ryver is a communication tool with sound features and functionalities. Furthermore, it facilitates secure one-to-one communication with uncompromised privacy and customizable notifications.

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Start with $3 trial in the first month and the monthly subscription is $9 only afterward.