True Fibonacci an AI-based tool for Multi trading system

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This package contains the Multi Trader App + True Fibonacci indicator and the complete guide on how to use this system from very basic. You’ll get a remote one to one demo with our head trader in a few hours of purchase. We also do the installation of the setup via remote.

Use this Trading System to make a consistent profit. Your risk will be in your control, unlike any other system as you are not betting in one single trade, we are splitting the risk evenly.

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Signals generator + Software to make multi trading And everything you need to start multi trading.

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Signals Generator
Software to make multi trading,
Remote Installation
One to one telephone support with our head trader

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Top Features of a well-built True Fibonacci

Group TP and SL
Group trade history with overall profit and loss
Grouping all trades into one
In Depth Analysis
Max & Min Profit for the group from the open price
MT4 & MT5 live balance sync. So you can directly trade from here
Multiple Group
Platform connection status
Option for Reverse Trading
Splitting the risk to all the pairs
Total group TP and SL
Trade Possibilities
Trades Executed
True Fibonacci Dashboard

Use the Multi trading software and start trading immediately, the software also has endless potential like you can open multiple groups set at the same time and maintain it easily…

Discover the 3 step multi trading system you’ll use to open the group trades

Step-by-step guidance is included – plus, you’ll get one to one remote session with our head trader. He will show you a live demo of how to open and close trades, which is included for all the upcoming updates.

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Individual signals dashboard in single window

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Higher level support and assistance for every customer

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The story of True Fibonacci

How we came up with the True Fibonacci, and what is the need for that in real-time trading?

First, we understood that the traditional way of using Fibonacci by many traders, including the so-called experts, was wrong!!!

You might wonder why is that?

Here is the answer

Most of the traders simply draw a FIBO retracement between a HIGH & LOW or between a previous day HIGH & LOW or between weekly H&L or some draw it for the month. Nothing more than that.

This approach is an insane way of using Fibonacci when you understand the basic concept of how this number system works.

It is the main reason we started our Research on Fibonacci first. Finally, we made a breakthrough on how to use it properly and effectively after going through 100000+ backtest (Thanks to the Metatrader 5 multi-thread technology, which allowed us to backtest back and forth as smooth as possible. This tool wouldn’t be possible without such a kind of testing)

After such a fat backtests, we came to a simple and powerful conclusion.

We need to draw Fibonacci between a real trend and not simply some high and low points between some time frame or trend we just guess out.

Drawing a Fibonacci between a real trend occurred will give away a more accurate forecast than any traditional way of using the Fibonacci

Then How to find a real TREND?

Billion $ question for sure? But the trend we are talking about is the past trend which occurred and not the upcoming one, which is hard to derive. So using the present-day technology and Machine learning Algorithms which our team is familiar with, we started plotting real trends that occurred in each instrument. We analyzed by plotting the Fibonacci between those trend points and that’s when we uncovered the MAGIC of our forecast model.

So when you draw Fibonacci between a Real trend or a true trend, that is the True Fibonacci.

That’s the birth of the real way of using a great old MATH in the trading.

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