Trend Power Indicator

Breakthrough Trading method for Trend Trading with All Important Features Built Inside one Tool

Key Features of Trend Power Indicator

Trend Power complex Algorithm finds the Trend’s true power, filters out fake trend and give exact Takeprofit and stop loss level

Easy Trend detection in all the time frame

Never repaints

Signals is only during open of the new bar

Works in all symbols and all Timeframes

Mobile notifications and alerts enabled

We constantly update our system every 100 days once

Know the Advantages of Trend Power

Trend power has several important features for the traders which can elevate your trading to the next level.

Lets see some of the important ones…

Trend detection dashboard

Using this dashboard you can scan all the instruments trends’ and start your trading. You can trade in multiple pairs at the same time and split the risk.


A click over the dashboard on any trend signal icon will take you to that specific chart and empowers you to start trading from there. It is a very handy option to traders.

Trade Info window

Easy to use powerful Info Bar. Whatever chart you use in it comes along with you.


You can get the clear Trade Entry, Take Profit and Stop loss data from the Trade info window which is on the left side of the chart. It also provides information on the trade session.

Trend power indicator dashboard

Risk Reward control system

There are 1000’s of indicator based trading system out in the market. The main reason most traders choose Trend power over it is its risk reward control system which is inbuilt into it. You can control as per your need. We recommend 1:1 or in some case 1:2. You can make your own back test and control this as per your equity which can control the loss and gain more profit.

As a trader you need to understand there is no system which can give 100% proper entry but a good system knows where to come out with reasonable loss and Trend power is top of the line.


At some critical times it will even come out of the trade even before hitting the stop loss, when its able to detect new trend which saves lot of your profits in long term.

“Trend power is a masterful trading system which reacts quickly for any day trading trader, It helps me make safer money which is the most important thing to me”
– Dan Trac

How to Trade with Trend Power System

Once you buy the product Install it on your Metatrader plaftform its a straight forward procedure, you will have clear instructions on that else our support persons will be able to help you with that any time

Trend Power will alert you new trends in the attached instruments/Pairs

Buy/Sell signals will be alerted with proper entry and exit details via the info bar

Trend Power Dashboard will give you a complete overview

Even on your running trade or new trends you can identify either its in short term trend or long term trend

Trade from mobile using Trend power

You can configure for mobile alerts in such a way that automatically signals with entry and exit details will come to your Metatrader app directly so you can trade from anywhere

Trade with proper Money management

Trend power already has sophisticated money management system inbuilt to it which can make your trading safer and profitable

Special benefits

What's so special about Trend Power?

Whatever you desire, we already have it in Trend Power. Trend Overview to mobile alerts, you name it we have it.

Market Trend Overview

Precise Entry & Exit Levels

Advanced Histogram

Mobile Alerts

Customizable Risk-Reward Ratio

Instrument's Trend Overview

Trend power can help you to elevate your trading confidence by strategically growing your account

What’s the #1 most important thing for you to focus on trading now?

Get the best system with clear entry and exit levels nothing more than that


Here you can take the closer look of the Trend power indicator.


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Thomas Mahok South Africa

"Excellent indicator for Mt4, works solid 44 trades profit out of 50 amazing results".

Filipes Brazil

"The scanner or dashboard is amazing I spent only 15 mins to trade using this system it works like charm".

Jose Mandy USA

"Very good trading system, Depending on your balance to trade you can recover the amount invested on the first day or two, highly recommend for any serious trader".

Shumikhin Russia

Отличный продукт по доступной цене Тренд - король

Dan Trac Spain

"Trend power is a masterful trading system which reacts quickly for any day trading trader, It helps me make safer money which is the most important thing to me”

    Mobile alerts 

    Trade from Anywhere, Anytime!

    Trend Power’s mobile alert system lets you get the signals on your MT4/MT5 mobile application.

    You can instantly execute your trades from your mobile application. Now, you never have to miss a signal when you’re away from the system.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The installation process is smooth just like any other software. However, if you find any difficulty, our friendly support representative will assist you through the process.


    Trend Power works on every instrument available in MT4/MT5. So you can use it on currencies, commodities, indices and crypto currencies.

    The license is limited to one account only. However, if you do need multiple licenses, reach our support team for further assistance.


    You will get the signal alerts with entry, exit levels on your phone. It enables you to from the phone. However, you cannot use it on your phone.


    Trend Power works seamlessly on all the MT4/MT5 applications. So, if your broker enables you to trade via MT4/MT5, then you can use it.

    You are in safe hands. We are 100% committed to you and your product. We will answer your queries and solve your problems instantly.


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