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Forex Trading Discipline
Trading Tips

4 Tips to Achieve A Good Forex Trading Discipline

Do you know the one quality that you should have which will make you grow constantly in Forex trading?  Do you know that lacking this one quality will make you stuck in a plateau? Many traders who do not see improvements anymore don’t understand that they need to work on...
Bitter truths about Forex trading
Trading Tips

#5 Bitter Truths About Forex Trading

Do you want to know a few bitter but useful truths that can change the way you trade? Do you want to adopt a more realistic attitude than can help you grow your account and increase your profit in Forex trading? After trading for a few years, many traders wish...
Advantages of Forex Trading
Trading Tips

#7 Advantages of Forex Trading

If you are stuck in deciding whether trading is for you or not, you probably do not know what trading can do for you. Have you ever wondered about other advantages of trading apart from making money? Knowing the full advantages of Forex trading may let you get a clear...
Forex trading mistakes
Trading Tips

7 Common Mistakes of New Forex traders

Do you know that many traders keep losing money just because they don’t realize the seven common trading mistakes? Just understanding one of the seven and correcting them can bring a change in your trading performance. So imagine how much you can achieve by understanding all these seven. It can...
Forex newbie
Trading Tips

Suggestions For a Forex Newbie

Choosing A Currency Pair To Trade If you are looking for currency pairs with high liquidity, then EUR/USD is on the top of the list. It also has very high stability and the most popular pair among traders. It is good especially for a forex newbie, because of its high...
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