Trading Tips

Trading Tips

A Guide to Forex Trading Journal for beginners

If you are on the way to becoming a successful trader, you should have the habit of having a detailed record of your trades. Every Forex trader should maintain a Forex trading journal. A trading journal is a journal where you can record almost anything you want regarding your trading...
Forex Trading Myths
Trading Tips

7 Popular Forex Trading Myths Debunked

The world of Forex trading is full of myths. Many new Forex traders have a lot of misconceptions about how Forex trading works. So, it is very much necessary to discriminate between truths and myths and discard the myths. John F. Kennedy said, “The great enemy of the truth is...
Forex News Events
Trading Tips

5 Forex News Events that a Trader should be aware of

Many businesses and agencies all over the world release data on a regular basis. Those data contain important economical information. Some of these agencies also belong to the government of various countries. There are some important Forex news events that every trader should be aware of.  Because they have a...
Forex Trading Discipline
Trading Tips

4 Tips to Achieve A Good Forex Trading Discipline

Forex trading discipline is one of the most important traits that a Forex trader should have to succeed in Forex trading. But trading discipline is also one of the hardest things to master. Laziness and negligence can be the biggest enemies of trading discipline and can hinder your growth. We...
Bitter truths about Forex trading
Trading Tips

#5 Bitter Truths About Forex Trading

Usually, people do not tell you certain things which are uncomfortable to accept. It is not uncommon to see people lying and sugar coating things to avoid saying bitter truths. Because the truth is always bitter. Because of this, many new traders get the impression that Forex is an easy...
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