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Nifty Intraday Trading buying - selling levels New

Technical charts of stocks trendlines support and resistance

Patience is more important in Trading.

June 25th : World stocks tumble as Britain votes to leave EU, Cameron quits. Gold Soars

April 23rd :

January 29th : Several Resistances for Nifty between 7750 - 8500


January 1st 2016 : Wish U all a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Dec 10th : Bank Nifty Next ?

October 12th : Bank Nifty Chart


Bajaj Auto

Sep 21st : If BankNifty cross 17707 ( spot level ) on upside this week, i will keep 18100 as 1st target and 18400 as 2nd target . 19000 is also a possible 3rd target price. I will buy October futures, not current month future derivative.

September 20th : I would short DLF Next week . Last week, after touching my second target 8050, Nifty reversed. 2nd target also achieved on long positions.

September 15th : Nifty very near to my first target 7900 ( 7880 ), profits booked. Nifty may re-test 7700 - 7600 in the coming days.  BNF 16300 - 16200

September 9th : Derivatives trading lot size change : From November expiry Nifty 1 lot size will be 75 instead of 25 . Reliance Industries lot size increased from 250 to 500 ( Single lot ). Tata steel from 1000 to 2000. Brokerages may also increase.

September 3rd : I would start buying on dips. 7550 - 7450 - 7350 multiple support points. I think, even in a severe bearishness #Nifty may not go below 7450 - 7350 band in September. My upside targets 7900 - 8050 .

August 26th : Accumulation in Nifty and Bank Nifty ? ( Medium term view - 1 year ) . See the chart below. Buy on Dips market ?

August 24th :  7500 - 7200 a major support level for this bull market. and for BN - 16000 & 14500 are major support points.

August 19th : Taiwan Bear Market started ?

Taiwan  TAIEX index should close above 8700 in the next 1 or 2 months on weekly basis. Otherwise, the index will be in a bear grip. 7800 , 7000 , 6700 can act as support area. If i trade in Taiwan stocks, i will invest my major portion near 6700 and wait for 2 to 3 years for good returns.

August 17th :  As per my technical analysis of Bank of Baroda  43% return in cash market that too in just 1 month time.

After opening . Bank of India opened at Rs 172.40 ( low Rs 171.80 ) till 11 AM Rs 186.20 high. achieved my first target within few minutes

Pre opening

Bank of Baroda may move upto Rs 195 this week.

I would initiate fresh long positions in Bank of India with Rs 155 as stoploss. Current close Rs 170.20 . Rs 185 - Rs 200 - Rs 210 three targets.

August 10th : Market yet to open. I would buy Reliance Industries if it cross Rs 993 with target 1007

Bank of Baroda Target achieved. More than 20% profit in cash market in 10 days.  Trading at Rs 190. 27% profit.

August 2nd : Nifty may be in the range of 8100 - 8800 in August and BankNifty in the range 19500 - 18200.

July 27th : Dow Jones in consolidation phase ? or in the starting point of a Bear market  ?

July 19th : July 20th - 24th : I will keep 8450 as stoploss for my long positions in nifty. As i wrote earlier 8650 - 8750 band could act as resistance in the month of July. I would keep 18500 as stoploss for my long positions in bank nifty.

July 13th  : Shanghai at 4000 . Target achieved.

Shanghai trading very much near to my target of 4000 ( Currently at 3985 ) good area to start booking profits

July 6th :

Free fall will continue in Shanghai or Bounce back to 4000 ?

 Sgx Nifty trading 80 points lower. Have to wait and see the opening in Indian markets. A weekly close below 8275 is negative and for Banknifty a weekly close below 18000 is negative. 8700 - 8750 could act as a resistance for Nifty in July. For BN 19300  19500 could act as resistance.

June 30th : For the 1st week of July, market may be in the range of 8440 - 8150. A break-out or break-down can be predicted by 2nd week of July. ( ie 6th - 10th july ). Sensex may trade between 27000 - 28000 in 1st week of July

June 16th : At 1.25 pm, BPCL touched a low of Rs 808.50 , Profits booked.

June 14th :  Next week trading - Will Short BPCL. ( Rs 837.50 , current closing ) I will short BPCL with target Rs 810  - 800 with a stoploss of Rs 855.

June 10th : Index currently trading near 8000, i think a good area to start accumulate for medium term. Every dip should be used to buy even if it goes to 7850 level. Market may be in a range for the next few weeks.

May 28th :  Market expects a 50bps rate cut ( or ) atleast 25bps rate cut from RBI on June 2nd. I will not be surprised if there is NO Rate Cut on June 2 Policy meet I expect a surprise rate cut after June 16 - 17th. ( Fed meet ). Nifty may find resistance near 8560 levels for the next 2 weeks. A solid close above this level can take it to 8700 - 8800 levels. Otherwise, a correction.

Bank Nifty Support & Resistance Levels for June

If 18300 broken on downside ( ie., In the 1st week of June ) Bank nifty may correct upto 17500 - 17600 . A break-out above 19000 can take upto 19400 - 19700.

May 27th : For the Month of June :

DrReddy - A weekly close below Rs 3435 is negative, maximum downside may be Rs 3270. I hope Dr Reddy stock will not break May's low in June. Above Rs 3650 , 3800 an achievable target.

For L&T : Rs 1460 and Rs 1700 could act as immediate support / resistance. A breakout above Rs 1750 can take LT to Rs 1900

May 25th : TVS Motors giving buy signal. Would accumulate on dips.

May 20th : Nifty closed at 8423. May reverse anytime. TV Experts and some brokerage houses are highly bullish after this correction. I will be bullish only if Nifty cross 8610 before this week or 8519 next week. Otherwise i expect one more correction , which can take us back again to 8100 levels. ( even 7850 ).

May 17th : If Bank Nifty cross  18700, then 19700 is a possible target for Bank Nifty in the coming weeks . ( May be in May or June ).

April 26th : As expected Nifty faced resistance near 8800 - 8900 band. Now closed at 8305. If 8270 is not broken on downside, we may expect a bounce back to 8700 - 8880 levels ( even higher ) in the month of May. If 8270 is broken then Nifty may find supports at 8080 - 7950 - 7750 levels.

April 10th : Targets achieved in Bharti Airtel. Nifty may find some resistance near 8800 - 8900 band. Have to wait and see whether Nifty can make a decisive up move about 8900.

After the press conference of Raghuram Rajan, HDFC Bank, SBI, ICICI bank cut their lending rates. Will be beneficial to Home buyers .... Will Real Estate stocks and Auto stocks gain ?

28th :  As per Fed Chairperson JaneT Yellen, US economy is not good enough yet. so, rate hike only in December ?. If it so, Indian stock markets may bounce back. 

March 27th :  I would buy good quality stocks if Nifty come down to Rs 7800 - 8000 zone and Bank Nifty at 16200 - 16500 zone. I would invest 50 % of my amount. I don't think Nifty and Bank Nifty will go below this region atleast in 2015. Let us wait and see how Market behave.

Is Maruti in Rising Wedge Bearish Chart Pattern ?  - Short sellers in 100 points profit.

March 19th : After US Fed's decision , Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied nearly 400 points from it's day low and closed at 227 points higher than previous day's closing level. Nasdaq 45 points and S&P 500 25 points higher. In the morning trade Nikkei 225 and Shanghai trading in red. But Hang seng, TSEC,  Australian S&P/ASX 200 trading in Green. SGX Nifty up by 90 points on the opening.

Day chart / EOD chart of Bank Nifty - A Symmetrical Triangle Pattern is formed ?  Let us wait and see what's next. Will break 20400 on upside or breakdown below 18800. Will it break Symmetrical Triangle Pattern in March or April ? Let us wait.

Will Infosys Cross Rs 2350 / share or comedown below Rs 2100 in March / April 2015 ?

March 10th : Bharti Airtel jumped to Rs 380 , would book partial profit at current level and would book further profits near Rs 400, 425.

March 8th : Is it possible for Jindal Steel to cross Rs 240 - 250

March 5th : Is Market rally over ? If sell-off , Where could Nifty go ? : 8550- 8300 ? Yesterday FII's net purchase was Rs 2786 crores in cash market.

March 4th :

Will Hindalco surpass Rs 162 - 170 mark ?

Feb 28th : Will ICICI Bank cross Rs 360 - 370 in March ?

Rs 320 could act as Resistance for SBI in March ( Maximum Rs 330 )

Feb 27th : Bank Nifty may find resistance near 19750,  Maximum - 21000 in March

Feb 23rd :  8300 - 8150 could act as support for Nifty in the month of March

Will accumulate ICICI Bank and Bharti Airtel on every dip for short term trade.

Feb 20th : As per our prediction( Yesterday ), Bank Nifty touched our 1st target and was very close to our 2nd target on the downside. For the second consecutive day, bank nifty bouncing bank from it's lows. This clearly shows that Bank Nifty trying to move higher. Our first target on upside is 19350, We may witness 19500 - 19750 on Upside by next week . If there is any close above 20000 , BN may try to achieve 21000 again.

Feb 19th :

Bank Nifty may revisit 18750 before Budget presentation 2015

Feb 17th : Can buy PSU Bank stocks on dips . Punjab National Bank - PNB , Bank Of Baroda - Bob, Canara Bank , minimum 10 % return in a month time. Tata motors facing resistance at my 2nd target of 580. PE ratio of Auto Index and Pharma index are too high, compared to Jan 2015. So, have to deal with care in Auto stocks and Pharma stocks. Buy Media stocks like Zeel and others with strict SL.  may get some good profit in the near term.

Feb 11th :

Tata Motors touched my 1st resistance Rs 572 and reversed. May be in 525 - 600 range for the next few weeks. Rs 525 - 530 could act as good support. Rs 572 - 580 - 600 could act as resistance for Tata Motors. Buying at low level of Rs 540 - 530 and selling at 572 - 580 or 600 will be a good strategy.

Target achieved in Bank Nifty , Nifty and also market corrected significantly from the highs.

Bank Nifty : May touch 20000 levels. Trader Sir predicts a consolidation in both Nifty and Bank Nifty for next 1 week to 10 days . May touch higher levels or come down after the consolidation period, have to wait and watch to get the confirmation signal. If indices starts moving higher after consolidation, Bank Nifty may even touch 20700  - 21000 levels and Nifty 9000.

Nifty prediction for 2015 : Possible targets on upside and downside.

Our upside 1st target for Nifty in 2015 is  - 9000 ( 90 % possibility ) ( Target achieved on Jan 30th ,8996.6 - just 3 point difference ).

2nd target 9700 - 10000 ( 75 % ) , may be in second half of 2015.

On the downside, 7500 ( 50 % possibility ) in first half of 2015 , and 7000 ( 25 % possibility ) could act as support levels. One can buy good stocks at current level ( 50 % of investment amount ) and another 25 % at 7700 - 7500 level. Last 25 % investment near 7000.

Dec 31 : Can buy IT Stocks like Infosys, TCS, Wipro. May move up.

See the Power of "22" PE Ratio ? : 22 is very much powerful. Nifty PE ratio was very near to 22 when it touches 8600+. In the last 3 days good amount of correction in Indian stock markets . Still trading at 21.35 PE .  But no need to panic. 8240 / 8180 should act as a support, if 8180 taken out , market going to correct upto minimum 7900 - 7700 levels before 2015 budget presentation (  no need to be a one way correction, may be a multi-leg correction ) . 7700 is a very critical level , it should act as a support, otherwise the Major support comes only around 7000. It will be a 20 % correction . One can accumulate stocks when Nifty comes to the level anywhere between 8000 - 7700 with a longer term perspective. ( Minimum 1 year ).

Sep 18th : Nifty PE Ratio and corrections

In 2004 Jan - When Nifty was at 2000, PE Ratio was at 21.75 , Nifty fell nearly 35 % from it's top.

In 2005 - Nifty mostly traded below 18 PE, so only 10 - 15 % minor corrections , but nifty spot price was at 3000. Above 2004 levels.
In 2006 When nifty touched the spot price of 3750 levels in May , nifty PE ratio was at 21.28 levels and market fell by more than 30 %

2007 : In the beginning of 2007 Feb , Nifty was at 4525 levels, PE ratio was at 21.77, market fell by 15 - 20 % again a 10 % correction in mid July. But after July, both PE ratio and spot price started climbing up. PE ratio was at a peak of 27.62 and Nifty at 6100 levels in December 2007.

2008 : In Jan 2008 when NIfty was at 6300 levels, PE Ratio was at 28.29 , what happened next ?. A Major crash , which brought down nifty again to the levels of 2250 in October 2008.

So far PE Ratio 22 acted as a resistance for Nifty and eachtime market witnessed 15 - 35 % healthy corrections before climbing high. But only in 2007 second half PE ratio was above 22 and traded in 28 times and it lead the market to a major crash and 5 years of bear grip.

Why i am writing this now ? , the reason is, Nifty now trading near 22 PE Ratio. If corporate companies announce healthy quarterly results ( Q2 results ) in October 2014, it would bring down the PE Ratio and market can move up, otherwise, expect minimum 10 % correction in market before this year end.

Sep 16th :

Tata motors : Rs 478 could act as a support, if start trading below this level, book your profits.

Tata Steel : One can go long in this counter only if it cross Rs 548 this week.

HDFC Bank : Rs 820 could act as support

TVS Motors : Those who are long for months, can hold this stock , should close position if it below Rs 188

Sep 1st :   Chart story ?

August 29th : Those who trade / invest in indian stock markets should closely watch what LIC is doing , the reason is simple, because most of the time LIC is right in stock picking. They buy at low price and sell at peak. Last week, LIC reduced their positions in HDFC Bank, Tata Motors, ICICI Bank, ITC, ONGC and some more stocks, eventhough the reason for selling is to create corpus fund for buying forthcoming disinvestment of PSUs, i think they sold at right peak.

August 24th : ITC could go down by next week. Friday's low ( Rs 341.55 ) should not be broken. If it start trading below the level, then ITC could go down to Rs 330 - 325

Trade with Caution in Nifty : Last week Nifty made new High of 7929 and closed at it's ever highest level 7913. Eventhough new highs are possible, Nifty may reverse at any time, I think Crude Oil price could move higher by next week or in the coming weeks. It would act as a negative factor for stocks worldwide.

August 22nd 2014 : 

Brent Crude Oil Vs SENSEX chart - Gives me an alert signal for a bear market / consolidation phase in stock markets worldwide !

Brent Crude Oil Vs SENSEX chart shows bear market signal 2014 - 2015 - 2016

A recent co-relation chart in about Brent Crude Oil Vs SENSEX ( Indian Stock Index ) gives me an alert signal for a coming bear market. If crude oil production increases in future, then there is no need to bother about the co-relation, but so far there is a co-relation between crude oil and world stock markets. My interpretation of the chart gives me bear market warning signal.

How Tradersir interpret bear market / consolidation phase  ( years ) coming by analyzing Crude Oil Vs SENSEX chart ?

You can see two extra trend lines drawn by me in the chart. One is Blue line and another one is Green line.

4 blue lines, numbered as 1, 2 , 3, 4  - whenever SENSEX started moving up ahead of Crude oil the up move was followed by either a sharp crash or prolonged bear market. Now we are in the "4"th line. May be a signal for sharp correction ( not below 6500 before 2014 end ) or a prolonged bear market in 2014 - 2015 - 2016.

Only 1 Green line so far, you can see that Brent crude oil was ahead of SENSEX on the mentioned period, and the rise in SENSEX was gradual without any major bearish trend ( just corrections ). 

This is my interpretation of the chart, market experts need not to agree with my view. This is just a caution for investors and traders.

August 17th : As per Tradersir's technical analysis Nifty would not break-down below 7350 levels before September end.

Next week Stocks to buy above : Can buy Reliance Industries RIL if it cross Rs 1021 by next week. State Bank of India above Rs 2572, Jindal Steel buy above Rs 306, GAIL above Rs 447 , McDowell buy above Rs 2446, Ambuja Cements - Rs Rs 221, Sesa Sterlite Rs 305, Tata Power can bounce upto 7 % - 10 %. Cipla stoploss Rs 430

August 10th : Stocks to Buy next week

BHEL : Buy if it cross Rs 257

Reliance Industries : Buy if it cross Rs 1032

SBI : Buy if it cross Rs 2611

Hindalco next week SL at Rs 174 for long positions. Hold.

Aug 6th : I still hope nifty would be in the range of 7900 - 7147 . But it may try to breach the upperband to touch 8000 levels. I think Market would witness a heavy selling if it touches 8000. So, as of now, i don't think Nifty can stay above 8000 atleast for the next 60 days. But a move towards 8000 is possible. If nifty start moving up, BankNifty will also try to touch 16000 - 16400 - 16800 levels. 17000 is also possible.

July 25th :

Nifty may be in a range of  7200 ( 7147 ) to 7900 until september of this year. There is a gap between the 'MA Envelopes' and Nifty price , so the gap needs to be filled.


July 1st :

Buy Reliance, atleast 10 % possible. Rs 1100 - 1125 - 1150 targets.

Bank of India can move upto Rs 325  - 330

ICICI Bank can move upto Rs 1500

Possibilities for Nikkei and Shanghai moving 10 % to 20 % upside

June 3rd 2014 : Japanese Nikkei and China's Shanghai stock indices may rally on upside. 10 % to 20 % possible. I think Shanghai is going to start it's next bull market rally.

Maximum downside for Nifty untill May 15th is 6600 - 6550 band ( 6400 on extreme bearish sentiment ). Nifty may bounce back from current level after two days of consolidation. Upside is capped at 6900 - 6950 levels. If election results are positive for NDA, then market may move up further. If there is no clear majority means, possibility for more than 10 % on downside. If there is clear majority for NDA on exit polls, then market may move higher above 7000 before counting starts on May 16th

April 28th : Buy Infosys at current market price of Rs 3177, targets : 3350 , 3500 and possibility of touching 3650 is also there before May end.

March 19th  : TCS also down by 5 % in today trading.

March 19th : In the morning trade Infosys touched the level of 3238. Very near to my first target of 3200. Full profit booking area. Infosys may touch my 2nd target of 3050 and some possibility for touching even 2800 levels. But as of now, to avoid risk, one can book profits on short position and can sit quiet.

March 17th : Dow jones stuck in a band of 16000 -16500. It would trade in between these two levels for atleast 1 week time. A breakout- or breakdown expected.

On March 11th Morning 3645 was broken, and today ( March 13th ) Infosys at RS 3340. If someone gone short as per my technicals, then Rs 305 x 125 = Rs 38125 profit per lot as of today. Partial profit booking area.

As on March 10th : Closing price Rs 3671.6 for Infy and Rs 2142.65 for TCS

For TCS If 2085 is broken on downside , then target for short position is 1935 - 1885.

For Infosys INFY - if 3645 is broken on down side then 3200 - 3050 possible targets for the short position.

The rally in the Indian markets in the last 10 days has taken most by a surprise. The Nifty reclaimed its 6,400 level for the time since December 9, 2013. Economic times Report.

Not a surprise for me, atleast. Most of the brokerage houses were bearish on Feb 14th, when i wrote to buy Nifty with target of 6350 - 6450. Now, Nifty is at 6406. Now, they expect 6700. I feel, if Nifty cross 6528, then 6900 is possible before April end ( pre election rally ). Most of the retail investors who are currently sitting outside will rush to buy at the peak , and FII's ( Big Boys ) will as usual utilize the mad rush to sell their positions at those high levels. If 6528 is not crossed , possibility for correction towards 6000 level. If hung Parliament means, Nifty going to nose dive to 4500 - 3000 levels.

If 6186 is crossed : ? I think Nifty to surprise everyone on Upside - Read here

Today on March 6th Nifty touched the level of 6406.6, but on Feb 14th when nifty was at 6048 level, most of the brokerage houses were bearish and negative on Nifty, Shankar Sharma told nifty will go down 10 - 20 % from those level. But as i expected Nifty touched my target band of 6350 - 6450. Now touched the level 6406 today.


Nifty crossed my 2nd target of 6300, now waiting to see the 3rd target band of 6350 - 6450 . Hope nifty will touch 6410 level. Have to wait and see whether NIFTY going to consolidate after touching 6400 OR going to reverse back to the current lows of 5900.

Exaggeration by Media. As i expected , yesterday Big Boys DII's and FII's together bought for Rs 1764 crores ( Net Buy ) in cash market in NSE alone, when Nifty was down by 1 %. This exaggeration by Media helped only to create panic among retail investors. This is not first time, this is not going to be the last.

Putin using Ukraine as a reply to US for his backfoot in Syrian problem. To avoid a fresh war "Under table" dealings has to take place. As usual, China is in green by 1 % when all the world markets are in Red.

Whether it is North - South Korean conflict, Syrian conflict, Ukraine conflict Some Big boys using the media to create panic among investors and buy on dips. Naturally world markets will react, but the hype is unnecessary.


Dow 16400 target achieved.

My 3rd target for Dow jones 16400 (16398.95) achieved. Close all long positions and book full profit. No long and No short, wait and watch to enter anyside. Market may be in consolidation mode for the next 10 - 15 days or it may rally further on any positive news. As of now, there is no short signal available for me. Eventhough long signal is not violated yet, going long at current level is huge risk. So, book profit , wait and watch the game is my strategy.

Stocks :
  • Tata steel : Buy above Rs 377 - Target - Rs 387 - 395
  • Reliance Industries : Buy above Rs 821 if it cross on Monday
  • LT : Already in a uptrend Keep 1002 as stop loss
  • HDFC : Rs 781 stop loss for Long position. Hold
  • HDFC Bank : Rs 649 stop loss for Long position
  • Hindustan unilever : Buy above Rs 563
If 6186 is crossed : ? I think Nifty to surprise everyone on Upside

Everyone bearish in Indian markets , but i think the market going to surprise everyone on upside. As per my calculations Indian market is in either make-or-break situation. I think it is going to make a up move instead of drifting down. It would take 2 months time to touch the upper band. So, one can accumulate the good stocks on current level.

Read in Nifty trading section

Nifty can move to 6220 - 6300 levels if 6160 crossed - Current closing 6063

Nifty can move upto 6220 level. 6300 is also a possible target for this Feb expiry. 6220 will be achieved only if it cross and close above 6160 levels. I believe Nifty will go towards 6220 levels. Monday closing will give some clear picture.


 BHEL Buy above - Rs 180 - Sell below Rs 160


On 31st Jan 2014, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited ( BHEL ) closed at Rs 172.75. I would buy the stock if it breaks out of Rs 180 , with a target of Rs 200, 205. And i would short BHEL if it breaksdown below Rs 160 - I expect Rs 140 - 120 levels on the downside. On the medium term, i would start buying the stock whenever it comes to the support level , with a target of Rs 350.


Major Correction in Indian stock markets coming ?

sgx nifty chart gives correction signal

On Jan 22nd 2014, SGX nifty March expiry contract price made me alert and sit straight. Why ? If you see the above picture, you can find something fishy ? Isn't. If you can't , see the red circle, green circle and blue underline made in the pic. The red circle shows us that there is 353 point cut in SGX Nifty march expiry ( Previous day close : 6322.50 and now it is trading at 5969.50 ) , it may be a freak trade. If you watch the blue underline you can see the price is high, low and open ( means single trade ) upto 9.30 AM ( as i am writing this ). The green circle shows us the volume. It is not something one or two lots. it is 223 lots, so, this may not be a freak trade, it may be an intentional trade. So, friends, it gives me an alert that a major correction is coming in Indian equities. So, trade with care.

BTST - Buy Today Sell Tomorrow - sometimes treated as short positions

BTST is one of the trading method in stocks and futures. If you buy a stock in BTST method, take note of settlement days. Because, sometimes if you buy a stock today and if you sell it by tomorrow, it could be treated as a short position. If there is some bank holiday, the settlement day of buying / selling could be the same day, in that situation if you sell a stock on BTST ( Buy today sell Tomorrow ) it could become treated as a short position.

Say for example, sometimes stock bought on 30th june and sold on 1st july or 2nd july will have the same settlement day. the stocks sold on 1st or 2nd july will be treated as shorts. BTST facility will not work on that day. So, take due care while you selling a stock on BTST basis, if it is in your Demat account then there is no problem, but if you sell a stock on BTST , check 2 times before selling and confirm that the settlement days are different from your buying date.
You can buy and sell stocks futures on any date, there will be no problem in future segment, but when you buy / sell in cash market, take due care.

Stock brokers list - Find the best and cheap brokerage charges stock brokers futures and options trading brokers

Stock brokers list - Find the best and cheap brokerage charges from stock brokers for futures and options trading  . Here mentioned some of the stock brokers who are giving brokerage price at cheap rates.

here in this website you can find stock brokers list.

. Zecco
. Tradeking
. OptionsXpress
. Lightspeed
. trade monster
. E trade
. Options house
. Ameritrade
. First trade
. Choice trade

these are the list of stock and options trading brokers available. you can also compare the brokers and their brokerages.

Highlights and facilities

Stock brokers are giving
. Friendly customer service
. Free membership
. Discount brokers
. Low commissions
. Automated trading
. Easy to use free streaming real-time quotes
. Free Independent research
. Can trade all products under one account
. Paper less application
. and more

Stock trade simulator - Buy and Sell using a simulator software before entering into stock market - Paper trading

Stock market experts usually advice the young investors or traders to first do paper trading. In the modern times, instead of doing paper trading you can use a stock trade simulator to buy and sell stocks. You no need to buy a stock using the real money. Using this stock simulator software you can judge yourself, whether your trading strategy works or not.  Here are some websites which provide stock trading simulator softwares, online and offline. But i am not recommending anyone. It's your choice to decide.

1.  : Here you can get the stock simulator for your Iphone, Ipod and Ipad. A realistic one based on the platform

2.  : A free stock market game in a virtual exchange


Learn how to trade in stock market before taking risk with your hard earned money, this is our suggestion.

Stocks book value and market price - best value stocks to buy using book value

Stocks book value and market price - best value stocks to buy using book value.
I list the best companies with their book value, eventhough book value - price ratio is not the only one criteria to find a value stock, i just mention it here because these companies are fundamentally strong. NTPC is a stock with market price of 2.35 times of book value as on 2010. a good stock for long term investments, here my long term means, forever.

TV channels about stock market : NDTV profit, CNBC, Bloomberg, ET Now

TV channels about stock market : NDTV profit, CNBC, ET Now, Bloomberg, out these 4 i like NDTV profit, because i feel they are unbiased . What is your opinion about these tv channels, whether they help you to get profit, or you just confuse with their opinions. in my view, you should have to do your own research and if tv channels tells the same, just go ahead. If it differs, re-do your technical analysis and if satisfied with your outcome go ahead.

Importance of Stoploss when trading in futures

Whether you are trading in index futures or in stock futures strictly use stoploss.
If you trade in stocks ( delivery based buying ), you can use stoploss to limit your losses, even if not, no problem because your stock will be in your Demat account, you can average and sell it anytime you wish. But if you buy nifty futures or stock futures, you must use stoploss strictly, because if something happens against your calculation and the market goes ( up or down ) against you , then the loss will be severe.  so, stoploss should be strictly followed.


Warren Buffet method Value investment Vs Ordinary investments -

Value investment Vs Ordinary investments : Warren Buffet method of value investing is better to create wealth. There is lot of difference between a rich man and a wealthy man. I suggest to invest whenever there is a bear market .
How value investment is best compared to trading or ordinary type of investments ?

Let us see a simple example . NSE:GARWALLROP 
GARWARE-WALL ROPES LTD is company listed in 2007 in Indian stock exchange it touched a peak of Rs 258 in 2008, after that the company stock value fell to a low of Rs 14.60 in 2009 due to worldwide bear market , if the opportunity has been utilized and invested at Rs 20/ - in the stock , then the value of the stock  again touched Rs 90 /- this is not value investing method, then what is value investment in this stock. ? 

The stock's face value is Rs 10, they gave a dividend of 25% each year, if you invested in the company at Rs 20, you can get a dividend of 25 % year ie. Rs 5, for your investment of Rs 20, you are getting back a return 12.5 % ie. Rs 2.5 .
12.5 % return per year is more and far away from the bank fixed deposit investment. At the same time, the stock value also increasing from Rs 20 to Rs 93 ( Price may even go higher  ). if you made a fixed deposit in bank your initial money will be the same and you could get maximum interest of 10% per annum , but through value investment, your initial capital is increasing ( nearly 400 % as of now ) and you are getting an interest of 12.5 % which is far better than the bank interest. 

So, try to find fundamentally best stocks, and invest when there is a bear market, and don't buy in any bull market. Bear markets are the best time to invest in stocks. Invest using value investment method, but be sure using technical analysis before start investing. 

What are the option trading strategies

There are three type of categories.

Whether the market is a bull market ? bear market ? or sideways market ?
The option strategy to be decided only after knowing the trend of the market.

1. If it is a bullish market -  Bullish strategies
Bull call spread

Bull put spread

2. If it is a bearish market -  Bearish strategies
Bear call spread
Bear put spread

3. If rangebound / sideways market - Neutral or non-directional strategies
Iron Condor
Straddle : long Straddle, short Straddle
Risk Reversal

This is for any stock market in the world. This will work in USA, India or Shanghai or any other country.

Which technical indicator is better to take a decision to buy or sell a stock ?

Which technical indicator is better to take a decision to buy or sell a stock ? this is important question, because some traders would say , use 2 indicators to take decision. It's your choice to choose the right technical indicator.

 Try to find a good indicator for your trading decision, if it is 75 % correct then you can trade with it. See, no trader or technical indicator will be 100% correct. so if you get good profits, use the same indicator(s)

There are lot technical indicators available now, out of that i mention some of them.
1. Moving averages
3. slow stochastic
4. fast stochastic
5. William'R
6. RSI
7. Mass Index
8. Ultimate Oscillator
9. Money flow index

10. Parabolic SAR

11. Bollinger Bands

Usually i use Bollinger bands, Parabolic SAR and MACD with a customized parameters.

Worlds greatest stock & commodity trader Jesse Livermore life history & trading methods
Born in Acton, Massachusetts, Jesse Livermore started his trading career at the age of fourteen, he traded in stocks and commodities. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is the biography of livermore


Rakesh jhunjhunwala - portfolio and investments in a companies

Rakesh jhunjhunwala - the man who inspired lot of stock market investors and traders in India - Rakesh jhunjhunwala's portfolio and investments in a companies.

Rakesh jhunjhunwala - He is an inspiration for most of the Stock market Investors and Traders in India. Everyone eager to know the stocks he invests in. If he invest in a stock, most of the retail investors follows his footsteps. He is not recommending any particular stock to anyone, but investors and traders getting some faith in that company, because of Rakesh's investments. People use to call him as warren buffet of India.
Here are some websites related to Rakesh jhunjhunwala and his stock portfolio. : Well, i don't know whether this is official website or not. - same as above.

How to find multibagger stocks, here Rakesh gives some tips.

Rakesh's portfolio details :


Indian Stock Market related websites

If you like to know about the Indian stock market, here are some details which can be useful for new investors / traders.

Bombay Stock Exchange :
Bombay stock exchange is the old SE of India. SENSEX is the main index of the exchange which consists of 30 companies.

National Stock Exchange :
NSE is now the major volume holder in stocks, futures, options and currency trading.

Money control : CNBC TV18 channel's website is
you can get all the details about a stock, can get videos interviews of experts in financial market, and discussion forum for the visitors to get some stocks recommendations from fellow traders and investors.

Rediff money :

provides you the facility to get live quotes of Nifty, Sensex, Nifty futures, and all the stocks of BSE and NSE.provides you the details of PE ratio of a stock, EPS value, dividend rate, results, expert recommendations and more.

List of Stock Brokers in India

List of Stock Brokers in India

Top Stock brokers in India

. India Bulls :  Website :
This stock broking house providing you the facilities of IPO Analysis, Equity research, Fundamental and Technical analysis and many more services.

. ICICI Direct :
Website :
ICICI Securities limited provides you the facility of Resident Account and NRI account, Trade racer account and many more. Gives you chart and quotes and market research. Provides you the facility to trade and invest and creating overseas trading.

. Kotak Securities
Website :
Provides you the facility of Equity research, Currency derivatives, Mutual funds, NRI services and more

. Motilal Oswal :
Website :

. Sharekhan :

Demat account - How to open a Demat account & charges

Demat account - How to open a demat account and what are the charges ?
In India Demat account means dematerialised account. If a person wish to trade or invest in Stock market or in Debentures he / she needs a demat a/c , without this he / she will not be able to invest / trade.  Shares will be maintained in electronic form, and not in the paper form ( Share certificates ) An investor or trader can open a demat account through a stock broker or through the sub broker  Even you can open an account through some banks like State bank of India SBI, ICICI bank, HDFC,  UTI ( Axis Bank )
5 lakhs demat accounts : Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) and the National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) frozen 5 lakhs ( half million ) Demat accounts recently. The reason is simple, the demat account holders not provided PAN numbers to the CDSL AND NSDL  So, take care while you open a new demat account, provide them full particulars including PAN ( Permanent ACCOUNT Number )

Forex Trading - trading currencies different countries against each other

Forex Trading - trading currencies of different countries against each other, that is forex trading. A trader can trade Euro Vs US Dollar, Indian rupee vs US Dollar, US $ Vs Japanese Yen etc.,  You can select a currency pair and can trade . There are lot of websites providing you the details about forex trading, internationally and India.

What is Forex Trading : This is the basic question about forex trading you can get the basic details here

One should be careful : One should be careful regarding the brokers and the people who are conducting technical analysis and fundamental analysis classes. Please select good companies who are having lot of experience in the field and also having good reputation.

Forex trading in India : Forex trading in India is just started picking up, people who don't know much about equity markets are coming to this field and losing their money. So, study all the details about the trading, and start trading in forex only if you get some experience through paper trading. Otherwise, it is best to invest in stocks.

Forex Trading Strategies ! : Forex Trading Strategies! there are some websites providing the strategy, but i suggest to do some paper trading before following any strategy , because no strategy will be 100% correct. So do paper trading before doing trading Some websites providing your the Strategies and tips

all these websites provides you the tips and secrets to do trading, but do paper trade first, because it's your money.

Software : Some provides software's for trading, but i don't know whether it will be useful or not, because i am not using any forex software to trade, but for people in USA, UK i think it will be useful for them

Portfolio management software

I am just come across some sites providing Portfolio management software PMS , this is not recommendation  . It's all your choice.

. This site provides you the facility of Free Real-time Currency Track Your Trading Performance

Create and manage equity portfolio with long term returns using Fundamental Analysis Minimum investment: Rs 5 Lakhs

Stocks & F&O.Capital Gains

Track the performance of your stocks, mutual funds, and other investments

Desktop portfolio management software to track stocks, MFs, FDs, LIC policies

Penny stocks learn to trade and invest in penny stocks

Penny stocks learn to trade and invest in penny stocks . Websites providing the details about Penny stocks to trade intraday as well as to invest.

1. - This website provides penny stocks which are trading below US $ 5 and having high momentum. They list intraday stocks to trade

2. - providing the list of Most Active Penny Stocks of the day. you can select the stock to trade. 

For example , some of the hot penny stocks list with high volume i am seeing is :
Biocentric Energy Holdings Inc. (BEHL)
SkyBridge Technology Group Inc. (SKGO)
United States Oil and Gas Corp (USOG)
Left Behind Games Inc. (LFBG)
BizAuctions Inc. (BZCN)
Quasar Aerospace Industries Inc. (QASP)
Beneficial Holdings Inc. (BFHJ)
Universal Detection Technology (UNDT)
One World Ventures Inc (OWVI)
IDO Security Inc. (IDOI)
Deep Earth Resources Inc. (DPER)
when time permits , i update more details about this type of trading

Long term investments stocks

I update the stocks which are suitable for Long term investments.
i update the reason for selecting this stock and some stocks if i find.
I selected these stocks for long term investment some 1 year back, now the price of these stocks are already 100% increased from my buy price.
But we can also invest in these stocks through monthly systematic investment plans on our own. No need to go to a mutual fund for SIP method

Housewives can do stock trading as a business through online from home

For ladies working in offices , no problem. But for housewives ? most of the housewives are interested to do some part time business / job , also willing to earn some extra money for their family.  Out of, most of the jobs, Stock trading through online from home is the best job for them to earn unlimited money. Ladies can trade stocks if they have a computer with internet connection and an online trading account with a reputed stock broker.

Angel broking
Kotak Securities
ICICI direct

are some of the stock brokers providing online account to trade.
Intraday trading will not be the best for them, because for intraday trading a trader should always concentrate on the terminal , but for housewives this is not possible. They can do position / swing trading . this will be beneficial for them, they can get a solid return every month on their investments.
MY suggestion is, they should not do futures or options trading, because even professional traders are loosing money in F&O. best of luck.

Is Stoploss is necessary for trading - investing ?

Stoploss is necessary ? , this question will arise for everyone, how to fix a stoploss. ? there is no clear cut percentage for fixing a stop loss, it is all depends on you, if you don't care about your money and even if the stock goes to 0 , then there is no need to put stop loss, but most of the traders can't afford losing all their money, here comes the stoploss theory.
if you target profit is 10 % then put 5% as your stoploss, if the stock goes below 5 % of your purchase price then sell it. this is common theory of stock traders everywhere in the world, either they trade in dow jones, nasdaq, or in sensex or in shanghai or in ftse london.  Traders should use stop loss, but investors should not, according to warren buffet an investor is who invest money for life long, so even if the price of the stocks comes down, dont' get panic and press the SL button. instead try to average the stock price at the low point.
Say for example, if you bought a stock at 100, and if it comes to 50, then average it, even if further drifts down to 25 no need to panic, just average it there. now the net price of the stock is 58. if the market goes beyond 58 you will get profit.  so, for trading use stop-loss you can afford, but for investments don't use any stop loss

Hedge your futures with options , a good strategy

In my experience it is better to hedge your futures with options.
say for example , if you buy 1 lot of nifty futures at 5000 with a target of 5400 or more, buy 1 lot of out of the money put ie. 4700 put if something happens in the stock market, it will help you to recover the losses, it means your risk is just Rs 15,000, if the nifty falls below 4700 you will lose money in the futures, but at the same time you will get money in your put options, so your maximum loss will be only Rs 15,000 ( 1 lot nifty 50 x 300 points = Rs 15,000) , vice versa in the case of nifty short positions.




Disclaimer :

All chart analysis posted in are our own idea of trading. Not recommendations to buy or sell / opinion to anyone / or advice. Just for educational / informational purpose, not for trading purpose.

Today's News Highlights

March 11th : Real Estate Bill has been passed in Rajya Sabha

Feb 22nd : Market waiting for Budget

Dec 22nd : Crude Oil trading near US $35

Dec 3rd : Currceny - Dollar hits 12 year high. Rupee towards 2 years low

Nov 19th : As per minutes, Fed would rise interest rates by December

November 5th : Reliance Infro to exit Road and Cement businesses fully.

Good Q2 numbers , Neyveli Lignite Corporation stock gains.

Nov 4th : Diwali Dhamaka ticket sale by Air India. 

New aviation policy by next year.

October 24th : US stock market index Nadaq up by 2.27 % and closed above 5000

July 3rd : As on July 3rd 9.30 AM

Stocks up by ( in the last 30 days )

ZEEL 12.9%
M&M 8.3%
LT 7.79%
BPCL 7.28%
HDFC 7.07%
IDEA 6.44%
LUPIN 6.23%
MARUTI 4.61%
BHEL 3.33%
SBIN 0.83%
WIPRO 0.56%
NTPC 0.43%

Down by
TECHM -13.28%
NMDC -7.53%
CAIRN -3.99%
ONGC -2.64%
CIPLA -1.56%
ITC -1.07%
TCS -0.56%
GRASIM -0.49%
PNB -6.46%
GAIL -0.37%
ACC -0.3%

March 19th : US Fed rate hike timing still unclear.

March 17th : Stock and Currency traders eagerly waiting for the US Fed policy meeting outcome.

March 4th : RBI's surprise - rate cut lift the market in the opening and ended in deep red.

Feb 28th : Euphoria in Dalal street , thanks to Economic Survey.

Sep 25th : Mass Exodus in PSU Management boards.

Sep 16th : WPI inflation eases, analysts unexpected this low numbers.

Sep 13th : Inflation is marginally lower, but bad IIP numbers could impact current GDP number ? have to wait and see. Good Q1 GDP number was due to previous Govt's spending. But Indian Q2 GDP numbers need not be a cheerful one.

Sep 10th : Global systemically important banks : Bank of America, Wells Fargo, State Street, Morgan Stanley, JP Margan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of New York Mellon

Sep 4th :

One more fresh competition to Indian banks, RBI allowed Foreign banks to lend money to local companies in India in Indian Rupees. If Non resident banks start giving loans to Indian companies, then Indian banks would face tough competition.

Sep 2nd :

CAD - Current Account Deficit widens to 7.8 QoQ and narrows to 1.7% of GDP versus 4.8% YoY.

In the month of July core sector growth decelerates to 2.7% . Very much lower compared to June numbers.

GDP numbers lift Nifty above 8000, now experts feel, Nifty could touch 9000 , 10000 before 2015 Budget.

Aug 27th

S&P 500 closes above 2000 for the first time in it's trading history

SBI cuts Home loan rates for the home buyers. HDFC too joined the race to woo new customers

Real estate developers and agents expect a rise in residential sales in the second half of 2014 calendar year.

Aug 23rd

US Fed Chairman is not ready to hike rates because of pressure. She sees not enough data to increase rates at current situation. US Market ends mixed on Friday , Yellen's Jackson Hole speech not  impressed the market to move higher.

Import duty on Sugar raised to 25 %

As per RBI order, hereafter E-commerce sites can't settle payments overseas.

Aug 22

S&P 500 at record closing level

Finance secretary's expectation is 5.8 % growth this fiscal year

Less prices for Crude oil, Coal, LNG means positive for Indian economy, but will crude oil be cheaper always ?

Axis Bank to issue Long Term Bonds / Non-convertible debentures to raise Rs 6 k crores of funds

Canara Bank is one of the public sector banks, Canbk is planning to cut it's Non Performing Assets ( NPA ) by selling Rs 900 crore bad loans to some asset restructuring companies

Aug 21

Central government under Modi's leadership is hopeful to reduce the food subsidy burden

Unbelievable : A brand consultancy firm listed India's top brands , HDFC Bank is India's top brand. Mobile phone company Rcom comes 10th in the list of 50. Tata motors in 31st place.

Finance Ministry planning to take some tough measures in PSU banks. Longer tenure for Chairman, to separate Chairman and Managing Director Posts, Risk management, quality of independent directors ( currently lot of politicians occupying the non-executive directors post )

Metro Rail for Nagpur people : Union Cabinet approved Rs 8k Crore Metro Rail project to Nagpur. New transport facility for Nagpur people.

Trading Strategies or Trading Secrets ?

One of my trading strategies, i will buy or sell a stock / future / option using the Weighted Average Price. Say for Ex., Price is at Rs 100 Weighted Average is Rs 104, i will buy at Rs 100 with a target of Rs 103. If Wt Avg at Rs 100 and price at Rs 104 , i will sell with a target of Rs 101. I am using this method in my intraday trading strategy or secret. For me this works good in intraday trading.sometimes in BTST.  Sometimes Stoploss triggered. | Disclaimer| Privacy Policy

Disclaimer : Do your own research before initializing a trade or investment, we are not responsible if you incur any loss because of the information posted by our user(s). this website is for education purpose only and author not responsible for any profit or loss, pls take advise from ur certified research analyst